Printing White stuff

  interzone55 21:31 16 Mar 03

I am putting together a collection of my wife's poetry as a gift for her.
I am going to use black card as a cover but want to print white text on the card.
An clever people out there got a clue how I can do this, in experiments it just doesn't print anything.I don't want to have to lay down an A4 sheet full of black ink minus the text.

Any ideas?

  woodchip 21:38 16 Mar 03

You cannot do it, but you can use white card with a black fill and type text in a box in white. it just does not put any ink where the text is

  woodchip 21:41 16 Mar 03

PS you need a program that works with layers DTP and some good Word Processors let you do it like WordPerfect or Word

  interzone55 21:42 16 Mar 03

If I was to use a very pale colour, would that work?
I don't want to experiment anymore as I'm running out of black card

  woodchip 21:50 16 Mar 03

No as the colours are all dark, when you print a lite colour like a flesh colour it just does not put as many ink dot's on the paper. And that would not make any difference in your case as the card is black

  interzone55 21:55 16 Mar 03

Looks like she's not going to get her flshy black cover with white wrting on it.

Suppose I could try to write neatly with a tippex brush!

  woodchip 22:05 16 Mar 03

Get one of those plastic stencils from stationers

  interzone55 22:15 16 Mar 03

I'd temporarily forgotten there was such a thing as a pen, partners does fancy metallic pens in gold, silver & white if I remember correctly.
Thanks woodchip for confirming that I wasn't going mad & my printer can't print white text.

  cycoze 22:27 16 Mar 03

why not try the text transfer sheets (rub off) from a staioner or art shop , they come in all sizes fonts .

  Forum Editor 22:56 16 Mar 03

to use white card. It can look very good with judicious (and restrained) use of fonts and borders.

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