Printing from Webpages

  geedad 06 Feb 12

Printing directly from Web pages I find that the printed output is a very small font. I have overcome this by copying the article then pasting in Notepad, where I can increase the size, but I would prefer to do this straight from the web pages. Anyone help, please? geedad

  Terry Brown 06 Feb 12

From your search engine type in BO.LT

This will enable you to copy a web page, select the parts you want and copy them to your word processor or webpage.


  Woolwell 06 Feb 12

It would help if you told us which browser you are using.

For Internet Explorer this may help Printing webpages FAQs

  geedad 06 Feb 12

Terry Brown. Thanks, I will try that.

Woolwell.Internet Explorer, and thank you for your help.


  Woolwell 06 Feb 12

If you want to print correctly from Internet Explorer without copying and pasting then I suggest that you follow the instructions in my link.

  jellyhead 06 Feb 12

If you have a canon and use IE you could try this Canon Easy Web Print

  jellyhead 06 Feb 12

Also another version can be downloaded from their website vie the software

  jellyhead 06 Feb 12

Sorry lets try that again enter link description here

  geedad 10 Feb 12

Woolwell I have tried your suggestion in your link, and many thanks for that - it's just what I needed. Sorry about the delay - I don't think REPLIES to my post are getting through to my email, and I have just read your comments - hence the delay. Thanks again.


  geedad 10 Feb 12

jellyhead Thanks for your replies, but I have Epson printers (used nothing else!)

See my reply to Woolwell.


  frybluff 10 Feb 12

The one thing I've had problems printing is Google maps. For some reason, I always seem to get an error message like "printer not found". I don't know if it's a compatability/format issue?


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