printing web pages cuts off sides

  ericthebeeuk 21:02 16 Mar 04

On some web sites, when I print a page on my HP710, it cuts off the right hand side. I've tried ajdusting printer settings, but can't in AOL / internet explorer?

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it gets rather annoying!!


  Al94 21:10 16 Mar 04

In page set up, change from portrait to landscape. Will print on two pages but it will all be there.

  Eric10 21:30 16 Mar 04

Some webpages have a link to a printable version which gives correct printing so always watch out for this. If you use Print Preview you will be able to see what you are going to get before you commit it to the printer. I sometimes drag the cursor to select the text and pictures in the main body of a page then copy and paste into my wordprocessor but if you want it with the minimum amount of work then follow Al94's advice and print landscape.

  carper 09:56 17 Mar 04

Try reducing margins to 5mm and size to 75%. This has worked great for me.

  Djohn 10:24 17 Mar 04

Yes as above, reduce margins or from printer properties select "Scale to fit". This is not a fault with your printer and most printers do the same. It is to do with the way that websites are optimised to fit the screen and is controlled by pixels.

Printers work on DPI [Dots per inch] and the two don't always match unfortunately. I have a Canon printer which places an Icon on the IE6 toolbar named "Easy-Print" clicking on this will automatically adjust the display to fit on the paper without missing anything out. j.

  wizardofmann 12:48 17 Mar 04

I had the same problem a few days ago. I cured it by reducing the text size. Go to VIEW and simply change the text size. Job done

  fitcher 13:40 17 Mar 04

if I use the drop down file and the print preview .and print from there ,,I get it correct every time .if I use the print in the top of explorer ,,I get trpouble

  cagey 17:34 17 Mar 04

Have suffered this problem for a long time. But now thanks to "fitcher" I have tried his solution and BINGO it works.

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