Printing Text with picture, need help asap

  PrimalWolfie 18:14 PM 07 May 13

Hello all.

I have a kodak esp 3.2s. I am using Open Office Writer My assignment is due tomorrow and I am running into a bit of a problem with printing. Page 3 of my review has text and a picture, but only the picture prints, the printer ignore the text. If I remove the picture, the text prints. I have tried setting pictures to black and white, incase for some reason it was having trouble switching between cartridges, but to no avail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  lotvic 18:33 PM 07 May 13

It was a bug in OOo and the printer driver, if you export to pdf and then print the pdf they both print (I guess you are running short of time) Or you can work your way round to fixing the bug as per

  PrimalWolfie 19:01 PM 07 May 13

Thankyou, converting it to pdf worked. I noticed that they were talking about a driver fix on that thread, but no mention of where to get it. I dont use windows update anymore, as the last time I did, it completely K.O.ed my computer, would it have been a fix i missed there or can i get it somewhere else?

  lotvic 19:50 PM 07 May 13

Glad you were able to get it printed. I can't help with specific fix as it looks to depend on version of OOo and printer driver. It may be that latest versions (of both) and Uptodate Windows fixes the glitch.


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