Printing - Spooler subsystem app

  MaxUpload 13:06 24 Feb 09

All of a sudden I'm getting an error appearing :

"Spooler subsystem app has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Cannot print and no printer shows in the control panel folder.

Have uninstalled the printer drivers,have searched for and cleaned all references to the printer in the registry and windows but still getting the error.

Followed to the letter the "solution" offered by Micro$oft - click here - but the error still appears.

Any help or suggestions to overcome this problem would be appreciated.

I won't be available to answer any observations until tonight.


  ronalddonald 17:34 24 Feb 09

help if you let us know what operating system your using and specs of your computer and may be the specs of your printer.

  laurie53 07:43 25 Feb 09

If no printer shows in Control Panel then you need to install one.

  annyanny 09:31 25 Feb 09

thanks for ur sharing !

  philreg1000 16:34 22 Apr 09

have same problem since downloading internet security pack free, is this when you started with problem?

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