Printing to size as needed.

  geedad 22:20 PM 09 Dec 11

I need a freebie printer program to help me PRINT the size that I want, instead of the printer choosing the size I don't want! Is there a simple print program that will do that? I have got PAINT and but everytime I edit the photo to my required size,it prints out too small or too large! Help! geedad

  northumbria61 22:53 PM 09 Dec 11

You should be able to print any required size from your Printing Preferences within your Printer.

  eedcam 22:56 PM 09 Dec 11

Are you sure you have not got the printer settings wrong prior to pronting can you choose prrint previeview then the printer dialogue shouls show the size sounds like the printer is overriding the actual p[rint dimensions try something like Irfanview its free and just selecting print gives you full control over the size Irfan view

  geedad 23:16 PM 09 Dec 11

northumbria61 I have an Epson Stylus Photo printer, but there is no 'Custom' option, only those which are normal photo paper sizes, with further options to print one or several of the same size prints.

eedcam See my reply to 'northumbria61',and thank you both. I will try Irfanview geedad

  geedad 00:11 AM 10 Dec 11

northumbria61 eedcam GEE! Thanks, eedcam! Irfan view did the trick in minutes, as opposed to hours of trying to trim, cut, chop etc ......! Delighted! geedad


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