printing problems, hp 930c deskjet

  andy63walsh 04:58 16 Jan 06

printing problems, hp 930c deskjet.
The colour prints more pink than any thing else, U've changed both colour and b&w carts, yellow seems to be missing ?
Any ideas ?

  AndySD 05:39 16 Jan 06

first try reinstalling the printer drivers

  andy63walsh 17:02 16 Jan 06

Reinstalled drivers, its still not printing yellow much, if at all, B&W is perfect.

  TonyV 17:14 16 Jan 06

Go in to the HP Toolbox and click on the Clean the Print Cartridges, that may well help.


  DieSse 17:31 16 Jan 06

It shouldn't be a blocked print head if you've put in new cartridges.

It could be dirty contact pins where the cartridge fits. Take out the Cart. and you will see the hoder it fits into has a whole raft of small, sprung, contect pins which connect up against the contacts on the cart. Ink can creep up onto the pins, and make a poor contact.

You can (very carefully) clean them with a soft dry cloth. The technique is to wipe them in an upwards direction, not pressing too hard, and being careful not to snag the cloth on the pins. It's not easy, but it is possible.

Also wipe the contacts on the Cart. in the same way, as ink may get transferred from the pins onto the contacts.

  andy63walsh 17:56 16 Jan 06

Wiped the pins and cart, still no luck, it def seems to be yellow missing. both carts are a dif brand, they both can't be empty, I used one earlier in the week, it was ok, its very odd.

  DieSse 18:05 16 Jan 06

If they're refilled catridges - then maybe they're both faulty - if they're both not new - maybe you should try head cleaning.

Also try printing a test page - this will print bands of each clour - so you can clearly see what works and what doesn't.

You could try a new genuine HP cartridge, just to prove things out.

But at the end of the day it could also be a printer fault, I guess, then a new cartrige would be a waste of money.

  DieSse 18:07 16 Jan 06

*I used one earlier in the week, it was ok, its very odd.*

Everything that breaks was working OK just before it broke!

  andy63walsh 07:02 20 Jan 06

I put both carts in the college printer and they were more pink in colour, so it must be the ink carts, I hope, now the hard bit trying to get a refund or new one.

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