Printing problem with Word Office 2000

  Star5 11:21 09 Feb 03

My Lexmark X73 all-in-one will not print from word - office 2000. I can print a test page and I can print from wordpad but when I try to print from word it sends the info and says printing complete but no pages are printed.

Have I loaded the wrong driver? Although when I loaded the driver it seemed the correct one.

I just installed it Friday night and it prints really fast and the quality of print is great. Am I overlooking something simple? My os is ME. The scanner/photocopier work fine.

  Gongoozler 11:29 09 Feb 03

Star5, if you open a Word document and select File - Print..., does the dialog box indicate the correct printer, and if you select the Advanced button do you get the correct settings.

  Star5 11:36 09 Feb 03

Thank you for your quick response Gongoozler. Yes the correct printer is indicated and all the settings seem to be correct.

  1st RHA 11:36 09 Feb 03

right click on your printer and set as default, a small tick should appear with it as it is robably being sent to a bifferent device, maybe a fax program.

  Star5 11:40 09 Feb 03

Thank you 1st RHA, I checked this out and it is my default printer.

  1st RHA 11:45 09 Feb 03

restart computer and reinstall, though this would indicate a printer prob rather than a problem with program association, perhaps uninstall word and reinstall would be more appropriate.

  Forum Editor 11:51 09 Feb 03

and it would be worth altering the way the application sends the data to the printer. You can do this in the printer properties dialogue - try setting it to send the the data direct to the printer, i.e. not to start printing as soon as the first page is sent.

This is a not uncommon problem with Word - see how you get on.

  Star5 11:53 09 Feb 03

Thanks 1st RHA, I think I might uninstall printer 1st and if that does not work then I will try uninstalling Word.

Do I have to completely uninstall Office 2000 to do this or can I just remove Word on its own.

  Star5 11:59 09 Feb 03

Thanks FE I will try your suggestion 1st. If this does not work I will try out what 1st RHA has suggested.

Thank you all and I will get back when I've tried these out.


  Star5 12:19 09 Feb 03

Sorry FE I can't seem to find the option to change the way data is sent.

While I was looking for this I noticed that in Wordpad/scanner/photocopier then select print it says - Status, default printer is ready. But in Word 2000, select print it says - Status, idle.

Thank you

  AndyJ 12:42 09 Feb 03

Have you tried looking under the compatability tab in Word. It's under Tools/Options. Also, have you tried a different font?

You don't say if the blank pages being thrown out are exactly the same number as the document and if there's a graphic?

Incidentally, it's unlikely in your case, but a faulty power supply can cause the symptoms you describe. Just in case, if you're using a surge protector or multiway adaptor, try plugging straight into a wall socket.

I also once had a similar problem with a USB printer. Plugging it into a different USB port cured all. Incidentally, if it is USB, does it recommend you install the driver with the USB plugged in or out?

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