printing photos"colour problem"

  Boy Zone 09:47 02 Aug 09

I've a canon MP 610 and use canon cartridges.
Problem I have is the colours on the monitor don't match the print colours. How do I get the true colours when I print?
I'm using high gloss photo HP paper, I've used canon paper and it seems to make no difference.

Those on the monitor seem to be much better colour.

  Blitzer 10:10 02 Aug 09

Hi Boy Zone,

I've experienced similar with my Epson printer and assuming you have already done the obvious and cleaned the print head, it may well be worth checking...

* The printer driver settings - I've noticed that turning off some colour handling features of printer drivers can go a long way to improving what you see printed out to match what is seen on screen.

* Likewise, if you are using something like Photoshop Elements you may find a hidden away option that is changing the colours when an image is printed compared to what is on the screen.


  Boy Zone 10:57 02 Aug 09

Yes I've done all that. I use Adobe CS3 and the photo on the monitor is grey and yet when Im print its brownish. Even when I print a colour photo the monitor colour is very near to perfect but the print colour is not good.
I must admit even though I use CS3 I'm not 100% of what you can do regarding the colour matching.

All I'm trying to do is print a black and white old photo, which I've restored. It looks good on the monitor and yet.....

  jakimo 11:00 02 Aug 09

There is probably more written on this photography subject than almost any other,to start...

click here

  wee eddie 11:18 02 Aug 09

Your Monitor generates the picture in an entirely different way to your Printer.

For starters, the Monitor has a light source behind the picture.

On the Black/Brown thing, many printers create Black by mixing their colours, rather than using a black pigment.

  Boy Zone 11:57 02 Aug 09

yes I can see that its not an easy topic.
Seems that the paper has a lot to do with it, the printer settings and all that so I'll give in.


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