Printing photos

  reddwarfcrew 23:14 18 Jul 03

Why is it that it seems so difficult to print photo's to fill a whole page of A4 (excluding the margins).

Whether it be using PSP7 or XPs own built in picture printing, if you choose to print filling the whole page, you get equal margins on the left and right, but a bigger margin on the top compared to bottom.

Now I know its 'cos of the printer needing to be able to grab the page, but why can't it specify both the top and bottom margin to be the larger size, so that it prints centrally on the page.

Am I making sense, does anyone know a way to easily do this? (HP815c printer).

  woodchip 23:22 18 Jul 03

You should be able to tick a box for it to print central

  billyliv 00:27 19 Jul 03

Hi, USA sizes are different from UK sizes. As Microsoft is USA. based any program you use will be USA. orientated. I found the answer to be a pair of scissors. cheers, Bill

  reddwarfcrew 00:28 19 Jul 03

the problem is it prints central on the 'printing area'. As the margins are automatically different, the printing area isn't central on the page.

Or have I missed something?

  reddwarfcrew 00:39 19 Jul 03

should be anything to do with USA as I have specified the paper as A4, which has its own paper size which isn't dependent on country (USA use letter paper which has its own spec).

The problem is that the HP 815 has the following margins (from HP spec) and thus the printing area isn't central.

Left 3.2mm
Right 3.2mm
Top 1.0mm
Bottom 11.7mm

I'm trying to find out how to tell the application to change the print margins to:

Left 3.2mm
Right 3.2mm
**Top 11.7mm**
Bottom 11.7mm

Now, I know this is possible as you do it in 'page set up' in Word, so why can't we do it with other apps?

  crx1600 00:40 19 Jul 03

i made the mistake of scanning and creating pictures at the size of A4, 210x297.

but when printed the largest size is 204x284, about a 3mm border on 3 edges and 10mm on the bottom.(picture gets distorted)

i now scan/create images at 204x284 to avoid distortion,

my solution to your problem would to be scan/create an image at 204x277 then (hopefully) you have a picture with 2x3mm borders and 2x10mm.


  LAP 11:56 19 Jul 03

I use Perfect Photo Printer by Data Becker It's worth a look click here and a cheap paper trimmer..Lap..

  hssutton 12:35 19 Jul 03

I find with Photoshop7 That this is a simple matter, Obviously the image has to be the correct proportions, then in print preview just select scle to media

  LAP 10:00 20 Jul 03

reddarfcrew, see you have ticked resolved, what conclusion did you come to? Best..Lap..

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