Printing numbers or letters raised to negative or positive powers

  naviator 08 Jan 12

Using WXP home system. I cannot find any way to print C squared as in Einstein's formula. E=MC2 isn't right as it simply means MxCx2.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jan 12


In word

Insert - symbol

select ² from the list

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jan 12

Again using word

Press and hold the Ctrl and Shift keys then press the +/= key and let go of the three keys.

Now type in the desired exponent.

Repeat the Ctrl-Shift-+/= combination to return to "normal".

Alternatively... Highlight the character(s) (e.g. 2), format, font, superscript, OK.

  naviator 08 Jan 12

Thank you for your suggestion. I'm afraid that in Outlook Express I cannot find 'Insert' anywhere so cannot select 'Symbol'. There must be someway around this for someone who isn't an expert?

I'm not using Word by the way but use Open Office instead. 'Insert' there doesn't contain 'Symbol' or anything similar.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jan 12
  naviator 08 Jan 12

I'm afraid that highlighting the character etc doesn't work either as 'font' produces no 'superscript' in OE.

  naviator 09 Jan 12

The only way I could resolve this using the two suggestions received was to reinstall Word and then save the document to the web. Both suggestions worked and thank you both again for sending them. Open Office though good has it's limitations.

  Batch 09 Jan 12

If all you wanted was C², you could have saved yourself a lot of bother by just cutting and pasting from Fruit Bat's original reply (I've just done it into OE and it works fine).

  Woolwell 09 Jan 12

Open Office does superscript see also Chemical formulae in open Office

  naviator 09 Jan 12

Thank you Woolwell. Most helpfull.


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