Printing Multiple Word Documents

  Bent Hook 14:45 13 May 05

On my home PC (XP) and using my HP 930 printer i can highlight then print multiple documents with 1 click however on my works PC (again with XP) but using an epson C64 printer it will not allow me to do this. I have to click on each document then click on print for each one, Anyone have any idea which setting i need to change, Thanks.

  Bent Hook 16:37 13 May 05


  Bent Hook 14:56 17 May 05


  Diemmess 15:59 17 May 05

Different printers/levels of sophistication.

I think this is a function of the printer software.

In my ignorance I had not come across the possibility of mutiple documents, at least not while using Word.

Some of the heavyweight graphics programmes will allow a print to file routine but that isn't your answer which as I said lies with the printer you are using.

  Peter 16:39 17 May 05


Have you tried selecting your documents in Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) and then Right-Clicking the highlighted files and selecting the PRINT option?


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