Printing multiple address labels on XP

  Rubroy 22:27 25 Jul 04

I am running MS Works Suite 2003 which includes MS Works7 and MS Word 2002 on Win XP. I have transferred my address data base which was compiled on MS Works 4, to a new data base on Works 7.

When using Word 2000 I had no difficulty in selecting ‘Labels’ from ‘envelopes and labels’ on my Word document and printing a sheet of labels from my Works 4 data base.

Now that I have ‘upgraded’ to MS Word 2003 and Works 7 I find that the programme works quite differently and I cannot get MS Word to read the data base. I get a message:-
“Office cannot use Works files that contain formulas for mail merge. Remove the formula from this file to use it as a data source.”


1. What is the formula to which the message relates? My data base consist simply of names and addresses laid out in standard Works Data Base format under headed columns (fields) and numbered rows (records). There are no formulae involved that I can remove.

2. How else can I get Word 2002 to recognise my Works7 data base? (I cannot contemplate retyping a hundred and fifty names and address onto a new address book!)

NB. I do not have MS Office on my PC as this was not bundled with Works Suite 2003, neither do I have Excel. I have tried copying my data base as a Works Spreadsheet but that is not read either.

Any suggestions from the field please?


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