Printing letters ABCetc to fill an A4 sheet???

  Noels 10:05 30 May 03

I am organising a stall at our local village Faire and wish to create a banner using A4 paper one sheet for each individual letter. So far the largest font size (72)Word 2000 is still only a couple of inches tall. Any ideas on how to fill an A4 sheet would be welcome.

Thanks in anticipation


  Djohn 10:12 30 May 03

One way would be to look in clip art for your letters, insert the letter you want, then expand it to fit the page. J.

  -pops- 10:20 30 May 03

In Word, open Format, Font and in the box you can type any font size you want.

700 TNR will give you just about a full A4 sheet.

  -pops- 10:27 30 May 03

To clarify:

700 TNR - I mean 700 point Times New Roman. Other fonts will vary in size somewhat.

  MartinT-B 10:27 30 May 03


Just tried that one. By removing all borders, I managed to get it up to 830 with TNR

  -pops- 10:30 30 May 03

Works though and is very easy, isn't it.

Done this for years making flag banners for the local WI fĂȘte. Reminds me - another coming up soon, oh well!!


  Noels 10:49 30 May 03

Thanks to you all


Noel S

  wee eddie 19:16 30 May 03

look for a font with the initials TT by it.

These fonts will scale up to any size you want and remain true. Others may pixel-ate or loose proportions. Having said that, I am only regurgitating what I have been told and have never tried this myself.

  Legolas 19:34 30 May 03

have followed this thread with interest but using office 97 I can only get up to 72 if I try to type in anything over this it just defaults to the 72. Does it not work in 97 or am I doing something wrong.

  Legolas 19:48 30 May 03

Got it. As I thought I was doing something wrong lol

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