Printing labels yet again, still can`t get it to work

  bumpkin 15 Nov 12

Hi, back again, I posted on this before, today and back in Jan. All I want to do is print some address labels. I am trying to do this in Word. Using Avery labels 65 labels per A4 sheet, I have downloaded the Avery J8651 template which creates a file A-0015-01P(1)? in Word but when I print it out the text is not in the right place ie as I go down the sheet first few lines are fine but as I get further down the text has moved up to the point where the top line is writing on the bottom of the label above and at the end of the page nothing is written on the bottom row of labels. I used lotvics solution before which was fine for labels with no header or margins or spacings but wont work here on Avery paper. I would have thought that if you bought Avery paper and used their template things would be easy but not so in my case. I think this must be something in Word as I cant see Avery giving templates that dont work

  lotvic 15 Nov 12

Why did you have to download the Avery J8651 template? It's already in my Word 2003 label list.

Anyway - do the 'All borders' printing the test sheet on plain A4 so that it can be held up to the light to compare with the cut lines on label sheet. (It helps if you write on the paper which is top and bottom)

That should show you which borders are not lining up right with the cut lines.

(When printing proper label sheet change to 'No Borders')

  lotvic 15 Nov 12

Check you have A4 paper settings and not 'Letter' (which is shorter and might be why it's adjusted labels and you get no printing at the bottom of your A4 sheet)

  bumpkin 16 Nov 12

Thanks again, printer was set to A4 originally but had changed to letter 8.5" x 11.0" which is its default setting for some reason. I should have checked this first in hindsight anyway all OK now.

  Sea Urchin 16 Nov 12

Make sure you have reset it directly in the printer settings, and not through the Print Properties in Word. The latter can result in it reverting to Letter again.

  bumpkin 16 Nov 12

Thanks Sea Urchin, that is what I was doing wrong.


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