Printing emails with WLM

  catpwss 22 Aug 11

Hi,Using windows 7 and windows live mail for emails.Now the headache starts there are on some occasions that I require to print out an email,But when I select the print option from the blue tab upper don't print the printer option comes up on screen to select the req printer.Nothing happens but a box appears on screen stating ''WLM FAILED'' Line:2107.Error invalid procedure call or argument. Any help here please,driving me up the wall.C.

  Woolwell 22 Aug 11

Try a repair of Windows Live Mail. Highligh Windows Live Essentials in Programs and Features and choose the "Repair" option.

  catpwss 22 Aug 11

Thanks for reply.Have tried that.Sorry

  Woolwell 22 Aug 11

Has it ever worked?

Reluctant to suggest and uninstall and re-install but that may be necessary after backing up e-mails.

  catpwss 22 Aug 11

yes it has worked,I'm not looking forward to reinstall wlm,Lot of hassle again. thanks.c.

  Woolwell 22 Aug 11

If a recent failure it may be worthwhile trying a system restore.

  catpwss 22 Aug 11

Many thanks for your reply,This has been bugging me for a long time,Its a Samsung ML1665 mono printer.Yes it has been working fine it prints from word etc but not from wlm.Within the past half hour I had an email from Samsung support and what they said was ''To uninstall the printer then download the up to date drivers from the link supplied.So I followed their advice and all is working well.Thanks to Samsung it took them long enough to reply,& thanks to you for replying.Thankyou.c.

  Woolwell 22 Aug 11

Glad it is sorted.


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