printing an email inbox message

  Metty 22:34 27 May 03

This is something I do regularly and satisfactorily until I received an email message from a friend in Australia. This message which can be read ok on the monitor but when printed the whole page except the titles is all hieroglyphics and of course unreadable. Repeating the process just produces the same effect. Has anyone experienced this phenomenon and how to overcome it?

  VoG™ 22:36 27 May 03

Turn printer upside down.

  mikef™ 23:17 27 May 03

Have you tried copying and pasting to your word processor and see if that prints out OK

  woodchip 23:41 27 May 03

Must have come from Egypt

  Stuartli 00:03 28 May 03

It may be encrypted by the sender - ask him/her in which form the e-mail was sent.

  woodchip 00:19 28 May 03

AS mikef? copy paste to word processor print from there

  otubby1 13:06 28 May 03

If you don't want to copy and paste, try highlighting the message, go to file, print, print selection.

P.S. ignore these nasty people :)

  Dr. Charles 14:33 28 May 03

Could be encrypted - - --why use these long words for things. In code then - - - lol

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