Printing the contents of my CDdrive

  nutty norm 17:14 27 Jan 08

When opening my cd drive i wonder if you can print the contents before i burn the disc, it would save me having to type it all again , then i could put the list in the Cd Jewel case, it would be nice if could see what was on this cd , with out having to put it on the Computer, Nutty Norm

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 27 Jan 08
  chippy+ 10:45 28 Jan 08

or this: Widget Print Directory

  audeal 11:55 28 Jan 08

chippy+ : Would it not be better for every one if you where to give a link when recommending a program to someone so we can all take a look at your recomendation.

  nutty norm 20:32 28 Jan 08

Thanks chippy i have tried the Widget print directory, and cannot find how to use it, All the drives are there but no mention of cd drive contents, , any other programs would be helpful, thanks Nutty Norm.

  lotvic 22:41 28 Jan 08

thanks - very useful

  chippy+ 22:43 28 Jan 08

hi nutty norm at the top of the program is the drives it starts with e it's the drop down menu of
choose directory at the top rh corner put your cd in the drive and ptintdir will find it ie d or e

  nutty norm 15:03 31 Jan 08

Thanks everyboddy for your tolerance, nutty norm

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