Printing contents of folder alphabetically

  Glen 18:51 PM 23 Apr 13

In the Daily Telegraph an expert gives a tip for printing the contents of a folder, by opening Windows Explorer, and then drag & drop the folder icon onto the Firefox icon. It then opens and you print it from Firefox's File menu. However I cannot do this on my Vista PC. Have tried dragging to the Title bar icon, the Quick Launch icon and to a desktop shortcut icon. What am I doing wrong? Glen

  exdragon 19:04 PM 23 Apr 13

You just need to drag it to the middle of the 'blank' FF page. I too spent ages trying to fund which icon to use!

  Glen 15:59 PM 24 Apr 13

Thanks exdragon. It works a treat. I dragged icon into the middle of the Firefox start-up page, even though it was set to Google. Just dumped the icon in a blank area. A friend of mine has long wanted to do this. Glen

  exdragon 16:55 PM 24 Apr 13

You'd never just guess how to do it, would you? Good old DT. So easy when you know how, isn't it!.

This is one of the very few questions I've been able to answer in 10 years, so thanks!


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