Printing circular photos

  emmandelo1 03 Mar 13

Hi, I've got a large photo frame that has 12 circular holes for photo each measuring 2.5" by 2.5". Does anyone know of any software that will allow me to crop my photos and then print them out in a circular form?

  john bunyan 03 Mar 13

I use Photoshop, but a free editing programme such as should do it. Of course you will lose some of the photo. Briefly open the photo, select the elliptical marquee tool and select he part you wand and make it circular. you can move it to suit. Then "select" "inverse" (this selects the rest of the photo) then "edit" "cut" and you will be left with just the circle you selected. Then you can adjust the size to 2.5". I suggest you make a duplicate copy first as at the end you will no doubt save the final image , and you wont want to lose the original. The words in "" may be a bit different. A link:

Paint .net

  john bunyan 03 Mar 13

PS then you can copy and paste the photos on a blank A4 as layers - there should be a template to create one. If not create a "new" sheet size 21 x 29 cm using the same dpi as your photos. I usually keep all photos at 300dpi which is good for printing, but do match the blank sheet resolution to the photos ones.

  emmandelo1 03 Mar 13

Thanks john bunyan, sounds like that will do what I want. I'll give it a try.


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