Printing Christmas Leaflets

  brambles 17 Nov 11

I have designed a two sided A5 Christmas Leaflet for our Church and the local school have kindly offered to assist us with printing some 6,000 plus copies.

Could someone kindly advise me as to which of these two options would achieve the best quality result.

Scanning the leaflets? Whilst I have produced a high quality print I am not certain about scanning copies.

I also have the leaflets ( Designed in Photoshop) converted into large PDF files which I could give to them on a USB key?

Any recommendations appreciated.


I also wonder about show through when scanning on both sides

  Graphicool1 17 Nov 11

As long as they have a PDF reader, that sounds like the best way to go.

  Diemmess 17 Nov 11

Why not ask the school?

What format is your document in, because if it is in Word then a copy of the file will probably do as it is.

If there is any doubt, then a PDF is my choice.

Using a scanned image of the document or even a photograph is going to introduce troubles with background or colour as well as possibly less sharp text.

  Diemmess 17 Nov 11

Sorry, I didn't notice that your complete leaflet is in Photoshop, I thing the first point is the important one - Ask the school, they are likely to some impressive printer to run 6000+ copies

  Diemmess 17 Nov 11

PPS Show through risks are minimal with suitable paper and sufficient weight.


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