Printing black and white photos query

  Oldcodger 18:17 18 May 03

I have an Epson C62 printer which works well.
I was printing a B/W photo (had been scanned as a B/W photo) so there was no colour 'information' in the file (jpeg). The results were ok and then I noticed a box for "Use black ink only". I thought maybe I ought to be on that so I ticked it.
The results now were quite different - still b/w but with a sort of 'cast' which is different on different paper.
I understand how this can be subjective but I'd like to know why ticking that box makes any difference at all when there should not be any colour information anywhere.
Am I missing something obvious?

  MartinT-B 18:22 18 May 03

If you save B/W only then the printer will only use the Black Cartridge.

On other occasions it may (depending on Printer) use the coloured inks to 'create' black.

Also Different papers DO affect print quality esp. with Photographs.

If you want the best result you should try and use Manufacturers own paper which has been made and rested on their machines. Obviously you pay a premium so it's only worth it for special Photos.

  MartinT-B 18:23 18 May 03

if you SAY, not save!!

Ie check the box.

  Djohn 18:30 18 May 03

Not absolutely sure on this one, but think Black is for text only, or black/white graphics.

I am under the impression that Black/White photo's are made up of many shades of grey, therefore requiring the colour setting from printer, even though you are choosing Black/White for scan/print.

Maybe someone will advise on this. J.

  Wak 20:53 18 May 03

Hi Old Codger, I think that most decent photo imaging programs will convert a colour photo to a Grayscale when required and most printers can alternate between full colour and gray scale (for photos) and black (for text).
Mine do anyway and they seem to be run-of-the-mill equipment.

  Oldcodger 19:19 19 May 03

It seems that b/w printing is not as straightforward as I thought.
I think I have enough food for thought so I'll tick this as resolved.
Many thanks all.

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