printing black on white

  rgtyfhr 14 Jun 11

I have some documents to print which are white writng on a black background how can I reverse this ie to blck writing on white so as to conserve ink please My os is windows 7 64 and my printer is HP F 2290 all in one

  woodchip 14 Jun 11

Normal printers are black on white, are you saying yours are different to Normal?

  woodchip 14 Jun 11

PS a Printer cannot print White, it prints all other colours but white is the colour of the page if its white paper

  hastelloy 14 Jun 11

If it's Word 2007 - Page layout, Background Colour, select white. Change the text colour to black. If it's not a Word document can you copy and paste into Word?

  hastelloy 14 Jun 11

To select all text Ctrl+A.

  natdoor 14 Jun 11

Are the documents stored on a PC or are they physical documents?

If the latter, they can be scanned as jpegs and turned to a negative in a photo processing application.

If already stored as a file, then it should be possible to convert them to jpegs and treat them in the same way. Whether or not this is possible and how to achieve will depend on the file type.

  wee eddie 14 Jun 11

I don't know which Program you are using but this should be similar in most.

Edit > Select all > Text Colour > Select Red > Click > Background Colour > select White > Text Colour > Select Black.

You do not really need to to change the text from White to Red to Black but it can be disconcerting to have a sheet that is all one colour.

The Select All bit is important as the Black Colour, of the Page, may be hiding undisclosed Text


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