Printing A2 on A4 paper

  GBL 15:42 PM 28 Aug 11

I have written a document on A4 using Open Office, I have changed it to A2 format and wish to print it off with two pages of A2 side by side on A4 paper. I have tried but it either misses to top and bottom lines or comes out smaller in text. There must be a way.

  GBL 15:55 PM 28 Aug 11

I meant to put A5 onto A4 not A2.

  lotvic 19:00 PM 28 Aug 11

I haven't got OO but there should be an option in page setup to print 2 pages per A4 sheet which would give you two A5 pages on one sheet of A4 in landscape.

  brambles 19:19 PM 28 Aug 11

geoffy I usually do it this way:

Open a new Word Document Orientation: Landscape Margins: Narrow Insert Table 1 line 2 columns Enter ABC in Col 1

Now Keep pressing Enter key till the outline of your page can be seen before it starts another page.

You can delete the ABC now - revert to your A4 document - select half of it copy & paste into Col 1 and the other halff copy/paste into Col2

It may need a bit of editing - but it will work.

You will be left with a border but this can be hidden - can't remember now but see how you get on.


  Covergirl 23:10 PM 28 Aug 11

Yes, same as Brambles but I don't use a table - just make landscape 2 columns and paste in the text. If it doesn't fit, Select All and use the tool that reduces the font size a point at a time until it does.


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