Zeltine 10:48 08 Sep 05

Is it possible to setup a printer, so that it automatically prints the original document in full colour and then does a second copy with "copy" as a watermark automatically included.

Am I asking the impossible..?

Thanks in advance

Win XP Home : Office 2003

  Diemmess 10:52 08 Sep 05

Open a second page with the magic words on a duplicate of the first and print the lot?

  Zeltine 11:06 08 Sep 05

I am hoping that there is a way to print a copy of the original document with "copy" across it automatically, i.e. no user intervention

  recap 11:19 08 Sep 05

I think this depends on the printer you are using. Some printer do have the option to print a Watermark on the first page/all pages except first page or selected pages.

Open the print preferences of your printer from File menu/Print and check to see if you have these options.

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