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Printers on wireless networks

  mikeyh57 15:39 15 Nov 05

Have a wireless network with printer on downstaris comp but no printer on two upstairs

Want to set up for sharing printing not sure if I am set up for sharing files how do i go about.

Please note Im not overlly techie so need simple instruction please

  interzone55 16:01 15 Nov 05

The simplest way is to go to Control Panel / Printers, Choose you printer then right click on it and select sharing and choose a share name.

If the printers upstairs are running a different operating system then you can install different drivers at this point.

Now go upstairs and on each PC go to control panel / printers / add new printer. Click the network printer option and find the printer on the downstairs PC and follow the instructions.

Note that the computers upstairs will only be able to print if the downstairs PC is switched on.

If you want to be able to print from any PC regardless of which PC is switched on follow this thread click here

  mikeyh57 16:11 15 Nov 05

Cheers Alan14

Had success with the one computer but when I search on the other it doesnt come up with Home network as an optio just has one option which is a windows network why might this be and what if anything can I do to rectify the matter

  anniesboy68 16:44 15 Nov 05

Mikeyh57....You might just want to have a look at prog. called Ultra VNC. This prog. enables you so see a remote computer screen and use it to do what you will with it i.e transfer files, so in fact you could send a file for printing to the puter that is connected to the printer. If you wish I will try and photcopy the article from a magazine. Its called "Control computers from a distance. AB68

  anniesboy68 16:45 15 Nov 05

PS it can work both ways.

  anniesboy68 17:02 15 Nov 05

and its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  seedie 18:50 15 Nov 05

you gotta link for this?

  interzone55 16:31 16 Nov 05

Do you have the same workgroup name set up for all the computers?

From your text I think you have the wrong name on one PC.

Change the workgroup name on all 3 PCs to Home Network and you should be able to see the printer from all PCs

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