Printer won't switch on

  colberly 26 May 11

I have an HP Photosmart C4780 all in one wireless printer, yesterday suddenly I got a message on my PC, printer disconnected & now no matter what I do the printer won't switch on, I have changed the fuse in the plug, tried the HP solutions centre & that gives me no help whatsoever. Anyone got any ideas please as to what maybe the problem or is my printer kaput. I have noticed also that on the plug bank on the surge protected extension the red light is on but the little green light which tells you that surge protection is on isn't lit. Thank you.

  The Old Mod 26 May 11

I would try plugging the printer directly into a 13a socket that you know is OK and see what you get, it maybe that your socket bank has a problem.

  BRYNIT 26 May 11

Do you get power to the printer? Have you checked that the cable is fully inserted at the back of the printer? Have you tried another cable? Have you checked that you have not accidentally turned the printer off via the on/off button?

  onthelimit1 26 May 11

Probable that the surge protector has worked and is one which doesn't reset.

  spuds 26 May 11

Sounds about like what others have suggested, and that is a possible problem with your surge device. Just try going direct into a live wall socket, and see what happens!.

Having no 'juice' to the printer, would have 'reset' the printer, and this might give an idea as to the power problem, as to whether its external or internal!.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 May 11

As well as trying another socket try another lead (if not wired fully into the printer).

After that its a matter of opening the printer (disconnected of course) abd seeing if there is an internal fuse.

  colberly 26 May 11

Thank you all, have tried everything that was suggested, but looks like the on/off switch is broken. Now thinking of buying new printer which is possibly just as cheap if not cheaper than paying for repair.


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