Printer won't print without black ink, why?

  Rhuddlan 09:26 30 Apr 03

I have run out of black ink and need to print some documents off the Internet for a friend, so I copied the text into Word and changed the colour of the text into a sky blue, but when I chose to print, a message appeared saying that the black ink cartridge was not installed and that I can't print to this printer, surely I can print in any colour apart from black if there is no black ink available, why is my computer saying this? Thanks for any help given.

  tileman 09:30 30 Apr 03

i think you might find black is needed to make blue & other colours

  tbh72 09:31 30 Apr 03

Usually the software provided with the printer stops you from doing this. It's good practise for the manufactures as they get continued sales of cartridges.

If you need to desperately need to print something before being able to buy a new black cartridge try uninstalling the printer software. Please ensure that you DO NOT unistall the drivers or even the printer itself.

Again, I wouldn't recommend doing this if your are not proficient in computer use.

  Rhuddlan 09:33 30 Apr 03

Thanks for the help, I'm no good with colours as you can probably tell

  Legolas 10:04 30 Apr 03

Try printing in red as you do not need black to make red.

  Diemmess 10:12 30 Apr 03

I think there is a protective function at work here..... No ink behind a head could dry out or ruin that channel.
You might be able to use the software to print in black only, but not colour only.

  Digit 10:51 30 Apr 03

I have the Epson 680, both cartridges also need to be full or it wont print.

Also if I don’t switch to black only, the color cartridge appears to empty at the same rate as the black one.


  siouxah1 12:58 30 Apr 03

Is yours an HP? Some have a reserve function to over come this problem.

They also say that,as Diemmess said above, printing with an empty colour will burn out the ink jet nozzles. Don't know how true.

Regards Brian j

  -pops- 13:09 30 Apr 03

Several printers I've had dealings with refuse to print unless there is a full complement of cartridges present. That means on printers with separate ink tanks for each colour, at least four cartridges present and working.

I've seen one that would print black if the colours were empty but would do it the other way round.


  -pops- 13:11 30 Apr 03

There is a "not" missing in my post above.

"I've seen one that would print black if the colours were empty but would NOT do it the other way round."

Having a bad day, sorry.


  Rhuddlan 13:29 30 Apr 03

My printer is an Epson Stylus Colour C42UX, if that's any help to whoever asked if mine was an HP.

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