Printer will not leave computer!!

  TN 17 May 13

About two months ago I replaced my Epson SX440 with a new Epson printer. However I have been trying since then to get rid of the old printer from my computer. I have removed it from the Printers and Devices but when I log in again to P&D there it is! I went to Print Management a few times and deleted it there with the same story - still there next time I checked. Last week I went once more to print Management and selected Delete - this time it is showing 'Deleting - Off line and has been showing this for 5 days with no progress. Please can someone show me a way to get this printer to leave home! I would be very grateful.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 May 13

You need to remove all the old Epson printer software otherwise it will reappear every time you boot up.

Removing the old may also mean removing the new

so probably best to remove (Add Remove in Control panel) all Epson software, reboot the machine and make sure its gone then reinstall your new printers software.

  spuds 17 May 13

Agree with Fruit Bat, you could also try to use Revo Uninstaller if the item returns.

You can get Revo from but be careful how you use this product if you are not sure how to use it.

  TN 17 May 13

Many thanks to both of you for prompt replies! Tried fruit Bat's first and .... success. That did the trick! I know it was a very minor niggle, but it was annoying me! Again thanks to both of you.


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