printer want to print but nothing in queue;repost

  end 19:46 24 Apr 04

refer folks to my previos thread on this called "printer wants to print but nothing in queue" ; am going to try this again, but ahve noticed that, THIS time when I started up, the printer again tried to print, then went in to "static" mode,(i.e."fault"), then "had a long think", then , SOMEHOW "corrected" itself, and came back to normal and purged a going to just see, each time I swtch on, how many times it WILL do this.....anyone any clue as to " what the heck is happening"....?????and, stating the obvious, there IS nothing IN the printer queue.......

  end 22:56 24 Apr 04

I wonmder if this is some sort of progress....I again switched on the system and the printer again went to try and print, though nothing requested, then went into "fault" mofe for about 6 or so minutes. THEN had a think , purged a page and went back to "normal" what might i need to adjust on here? it sems that, if I give it LONG enough to "think" , it SEEMS to "sort itself out"...ideas please peoples..I again refer you to my previous posting ON this(see start of this thread)..

  VoG II 23:02 24 Apr 04

We have little chance of finding your thread. Go into "View Your Postings" and find it (just the title in blue in the "index"). Right click it, select Copy Shortcut from the pop-up menu.

Come back here, click in the response box and press CTRL+V and press the Post response button.

  end 23:14 24 Apr 04

??shall I try and find it and retype these bits into IT?and close THIS thread?

  end 23:18 24 Apr 04

I ahve just looked FOR it and it is "off the end" so will TRY and get the link for you; will it work if the thing HAS fallen off the pages?

  woodchip 23:19 24 Apr 04

Go to my postings at the top of this page in blue then look for the thread and open it, now when you have done that right click the address bar and choose copy when it shows blue you can then right click in the post a response hear in this thread and choose paste to post the link

  VoG II 23:19 24 Apr 04

Well, one or the other. You don't need to retype. Left click on first character and keeping left mouse button down, pull the mouse to select all the text. Then press CTRL+C to copy the text. Go to other thread, click in the response box and CTRL+V to paste.

  end 23:20 24 Apr 04
  VoG II 23:20 24 Apr 04

As woodchip says look for it in your postings. There isn't a 10-page limit in there.

  VoG II 23:23 24 Apr 04

BRILLIANT - well done :o)

I put this in the wrong thread as well :)

  end 23:24 24 Apr 04

IT WORKED!!!or at least SOMETHING did;thanks Vog; and you can see the problem from inception..and I HAVE checked the link .

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