printer starting when power on

  kpr 22:35 24 Feb 05

Is it possible to stop my printer switching on when I boot up my PC. I rarely use the printer and would prefer it if I could only switch it on when required.
XP sp2, Lexmark X74

  Technotiger 22:39 24 Feb 05

Hi, I don't actually know, but is there not an option in Printer Preferences in Control Panel.


  Taff36 22:43 24 Feb 05

click here Page 5 of the PDF or Page 2 of the document. The power button is top right.Or am I missing something?

  kpr 22:48 24 Feb 05

obviously I could turn it off every time I power up my PC by pressing the OFF button but surely there is a way to stop it auto starting - I know others friends PC's don't

  Taff36 23:10 24 Feb 05

Forgive me. Turn it off using the printer`s power button. Power off the computer and believe me when you turn on the computer again the printer won`t. (Unless it was left on when you turned off the computer)

  GRFT 08:16 25 Feb 05

Make sure there are no print jobs pending. I have that problem sometimes with my HP Deskjet. You think everything is clear and the printer switched offf, but next time you switch on the PC the printer comes to life and wants to start printing. Somestimes the only way to stop it is to pull the plug.

  Andsome 08:41 25 Feb 05

If my printer is plugged in and the power switch is on, I expect the printer to come on when I start the computer. I am puzzled by this thread.

  GRFT 15:47 25 Feb 05

But you don't expect it to start printing. (Unless there's an unfinished job in the pipeline.)

  Happy Soul 16:06 25 Feb 05

Pull the power plug out of the wall socket. Problem solved.

  Taff36 20:48 27 Feb 05

Andsome - Correct!

GRFT - Who said it started printing? (Auto starting? I think KPR meant it powered up.)

KPR - Any Luck with this one? Post back if not.

  kpr 18:14 02 Mar 05

this is what I am trying to get at:
I use the printer once in a blue moon - not very often so would rather have it set up so that it only powered up when I wanted it to and not every time i switch on my PC. I know its possible because I've seen it on many other peoples pc's.
I'm not having much joy here so i guess i will just have to put up with it!

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