Printer software

  Creditman 17:48 05 Mar 04

I am planning to remove & reinstall my HP PSC software in the hope this will get rid of some minor faults. Should I disconnect the printer cable before removing software or after ? (have received conflicting advice on this!) Also how do I find out if there is a more uptodate driver available ? Many thanks

  y_not 18:06 05 Mar 04

I don't think that it makes any difference about the sequence but I would generally uninstall the software before disconnecting the printer.

The drivers for the printer are iincluded in Windows XP click here;EN-US;q293378

  y_not 18:07 05 Mar 04

bad link - try pasting this into the address bar;EN-US;q293378

  anon1 18:07 05 Mar 04

Now there must be some more info available here surely! what os? what problems? what error messages if any? What makes you think its a software issue? Have you checked the makers website for driver releases? If you are using xp have you checked microsoft update? That should tell you if new drivers are available. Have you tried "the big fix" click here

  Creditman 13:14 06 Mar 04

Thanks everyone. How does big fix work ? I downloaded the consumer version, opened the desktop icon & nothing happened (apart from a message telling me to save anything before continuing). What have I missed ?

  Creditman 16:56 08 Mar 04

When I installed bigfix it recommended I download MDAC 2.8. Anyone know what this is & is it worth having ? Google found several refs.but I am still none the wiser about it. Thanks.

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