printer sharing

  sak41 14:57 21 Feb 07

can someone help how do i share a printer between two PC's

  Pamy 15:04 21 Feb 07

you could buy a switch box. Switch to which computer you are using. Or network the to computers and share printer, both computers have to be on.

  sak41 15:38 21 Feb 07

i am already on a network, but how do i go about sharing a printer...thanks

  Pamy 15:46 21 Feb 07

Not sure of the details, but I think you may have to have the printer driver on both computers and there is probably a whizard that will help. also both computers have to be on. Hope someone else can give more step by step detail.

  Pamy 16:28 21 Feb 07

look here click here

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