printer problems

  JaePea 19:34 07 Nov 07

I have just purchased a Lexmark X4850 (wireless). I have installed it on my desktop pc via USB as my desktop is not wireless, it has installed properly, the printer shows on my desktop but the printer is not receiving the signal to print. I have done all the usual things ie switch off firewall, can anybody tell me why the printer is not getting the connection, I need help please it driving me absolutely MAD!!!!!!!

  Jollyjohn 20:14 07 Nov 07

Try checking Printer Properties and that it is on a USB port, not a wireless one.

  woodchip 20:45 07 Nov 07

It should not need a signal, it all goes through windows Spooler. Is this a XP computer or Vista? If Vista you need to download Vista Drivers from Lexmark

  JaePea 22:52 07 Nov 07

Hi Jolyjohn I checked the printer properties and it is on a USB port any more suggestions?

  JaePea 22:54 07 Nov 07

Hi woodchip, its is XP computer, but no signal seems to get from the pc to the printer, any more suggestions?

  Migwell 23:01 07 Nov 07

How about trying another USB cable. I had a problem the other day when my Pantone Huey would not function, even tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling it. Still no action but when I changed the USB cable all began to work again.

Just a thought!

  JaePea 23:08 07 Nov 07

Hi migwell, thanks for your thought but I have tried two USB's still no luck! any more ideas?

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