Printer Problem - LPT1 to USB conversion

  JOHNNYBGOOD 20:21 27 Sep 04

Samsung ML5100A with Mesh AMD 2800 computer running Win XP with inbuilt driver. Office XP. Printer connected to USB002 port.

Have just changed traditional printer cable to USB and all I can print in Office Word is a few disjointed scattered across the page, same with printe test page. Excel fairs a little better but no lines.

Have removed old driver, installed new when hardware found note comes up, re-booted, repeated, but still have problem. Tried Samsung but cannot find driver to download for XP only notes that one is preinstalled. ANy thoughts? any help much appreciated

  stalion 20:25 27 Sep 04

What make is your printer and is it usb compatible?

  JOHNNYBGOOD 20:30 27 Sep 04

Stalion, the printer is a Samsung ML-5100A and there is a USB port next to the parallel port.

  stalion 21:18 27 Sep 04

there is a driver here but not sure if it will work click here

  john-232317 21:47 27 Sep 04

Let XP find its own driver.

  JOHNNYBGOOD 22:06 27 Sep 04

Stalion, thanks but that did not do the trick.

Dadyassa, I have tried the XP driver but cannot get that one to work either. Not sure if I am doing something fundamentally wrong?

  stalion 22:18 27 Sep 04
  stalion 22:27 27 Sep 04

sorry ignore same driver

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