Printer problem on Homegroups

  molar 29 Nov 10

I have an XP Media Centre Edition desktop wired to my router and an Epson 1290 printer connected.
Also a desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit connected on my network.

I followed the Trouble Shooter Article {Issue Jan 11} to use the printer on the Win 7 machine but it is not shown at the point indicated in the article - no printer is shown.
I downloaded what seemed to be the latest driver for Win 7 for this Printer before trying to locate it - and restarted the computer.

Any one got any ideas?

  mgmcc 29 Nov 10

The "Homegroups" feature of Windows 7 is only compatible with other computers running Windows 7. You need to set up a normal network with XP Media Center rather than a Homegroup.

  molar 30 Nov 10

I expressed myself badly. I have a normal network setup and it works well, except for the printer as I have described above. I was referring with Homegroup to the article in the current issue

  onthelimit 30 Nov 10

I had this problem with a friend's W7 laptop. Google eventually came up with the solution that the printer has to be set up as a local one rather than network - bizarre but true. Click local port then input \\XP Computer name\printer name. Worked for me (once I sussed the two names required).

  biglake 10 Dec 10

i have met the same problem with you while it still hasn't been solved...

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