Printer problem

  luckyd 18:34 21 Sep 09

Help Please.I have an HP PSC 2350 all in one printer copier scanner All documents printed in word processor have the bottom of the words missing. I have printed off a test page and its perfect. All spreadsheets print off perfectly too.
It's just straight forward printing it doesn't seem to like. Any ideas?

  sconedd 19:55 21 Sep 09

Hi luckyd, the only advice I can give you is look in the manual in the troubleshoot section. Also it would be an idea to let people know what OS you are using, and how long have you had the printer. Sorry I can't help more. Good luck.

  luckyd 21:09 21 Sep 09

My OS is windows XP. I have had the printer about 3-4 years. I have already read the manual and tried all the options. On further investigation I have found out it's only when printing with the black cartridge that the problem occurs and as said before only when printing text. I have had the cartridge out and cleaned the contacts. Is there anything else I should try to clean? Both cartridges are quite full.

  wiz-king 21:24 21 Sep 09

Sounds like a blocked jet in the print head, not knowing that model of printer I don't know if it has the heads in the cartridge or not. If the print head is in the cartridge stand the cartridge on a piece if damp kitchen roll for a couple of hours and then clean the electrical contacts with a damp cotton bud and try again.

  luckyd 14:00 22 Sep 09

I have tried all the things suggested, it is marginally better, I will keep trying. Thanks.

  shellship 15:41 22 Sep 09

I have had my 2210 for many happy and trouble-free years now and never had your problem. Just a thought - in your word processing software has the bottom margin been altered or the page changed to "Letter" instead of A4?

  shellship 15:43 22 Sep 09

Another thought. Try a new black cartridge. If that is OK then it is the first cartridge at fault. If not, then it is something else.

  luckyd 12:30 23 Sep 09

Thanks everyone. I have tried all the suggestions and it looks like a faulty cartridge as there is no problem with colour. I will replace it and see what happens. By the way shellship the default paper size has always been "letter" and I have to change it everytime, however I think I have managed to correct that now. Thanks again.

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