Printer Problem

  harleyd 05:46 23 Jul 08

I tend to type a lot of address labels & recently noticed than on many, but not all occasions the labels are misaligned/off centre. This happens on full page prints or individuals, despite everything looking OK on the formating view page. I use a HP 5940, 2+ years old & have to admit its had some heavy usage, also when I look at the paper roller/grippers they look somewhat 'tired' in terms of the rubber seems to be perished/wrinkled which may impact on the grip? I suspect it could be the printer causing the problems, can any one confirm please? also any recommendations for a new model printer, if I should need one. Many thanks. HD

  jack 08:24 23 Jul 08

Even on newish machines.
The idiocyncratic feed system of HP machines being particularly prone.
If you are into label printing as a main thing then a tractor feed machine is possibly the only remedy- and you are not likely to see one of those in PCW or from the boxshifters.

So a new HP? Perhaps better than your existing one
But as a personal thing I don't them much because of that feed system.

  spuds 10:24 23 Jul 08

If the printer is two plus years old and as had heavy usage, then it would be cheaper and better to think in terms of a replacement printer, than trying to improve the HP5940.

I have a semi-retired HP OfficeJet 590, which is about 12/14 years old (possibly older!). Still chugging away on the odd occasions. So in that case, they were meant to last :O)

You could check www, for possible further advice.

  harleyd 06:28 24 Jul 08

Hi Guys. Looks as if its a new printer req. Thanks for your help. Rgds. HD

  wiz-king 06:58 24 Jul 08

If you do a lot of labels then you may be better off getting a label printer, either a Dymo or Brother. If you are doing a seriously large lots of labels then Zebra and TEC (Toshiba) do a good range of label printers.
I have 4 Zebra printers at work and they do about 500,000 thermal labels each year.

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