printer problem

  Ray5776 20:36 15 Feb 08

using a canon i560 printer, I recently altered the settings to print in landscape as I wanted to print from a website that was landscape. I seem unable to reset it to portrait which is what I normally use.
I have been to printer settings and changed to portrait but it still prints everything as landscape,
any ideas?


  woodchip 20:41 15 Feb 08

Have you changed from Start\Settings\Printers right click printer then Properties set page

  Michael_R 20:44 15 Feb 08

It seems from your description that you printed a web page. If so, in your browser go to file/page setup and check these are in l'scape

  Ray5776 21:33 15 Feb 08

thanks to both of you, it was indeed the setting in the browser rather than the printer.


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