Printer not Printing

  ponytail 19 Mar 12

My wife had a job application emailed to her and she filled it in on line and then tried to print it.She was using her laptop nothing printed off so I checked on printer queue and it said under status, error so I then clicked on print again and went into printer queue and the status said printing but it then changed to error.The printer is wireless.I then went into her email account on my PC filled in the application form clicked print and it printed ok so it seems there is a problem between the laptop and the printer as the printer works fine when I use it.Would it help to remove the printer from the laptop and then add it back and if so how do I do that.Any advice welcome.It is two late now 10.15pm so will check for any replies in the morning

  recap 20 Mar 12

To delete a printer you need to go to Printers and Faxes from the Start button. Once opened just hightlight the printer and click the 'Delete this Printer' under 'Printer Tasks' to the left of the main window.

Once deleted just follow the 'Add Printer' wizard from the 'Printer Tasks'

  onthelimit1 20 Mar 12

When you do what recap suggested,if Windows does't have a driver, you'll need the installation CD for the printer

  ponytail 21 Mar 12

Hi onthelimit When you say if windows does not have a driver I'll need the installation disc for the printer.How can I tell if windows has a driver where do I look and if not what then is the procedure as this is all new to me

  sharpamat 21 Mar 12

If you go to the printer makers website, you will be able to download the latest driver. This will not be needed if you have the installation disc for the printer. useing that you can reinstall the printer useing the instructions on the disc


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