Printer noises

  Newby 13:09 30 Jan 03

I have an HP 660C printer. Recently when I was changing cartridges the cartridge carrier tried to move back with the cartridge cover up and made a "grinding" noise. I changed the cartridge, closed the lid and set up the printer.
Nowadays when I start to print the "grinding" occurs again. The printer works O.K. but the sound is as if teeth had been lost on a plastic wheel or a cog in slipping on a surface. Is there anything I can do to rectify it? Can I reset it in some way and, if so, how?

  woodchip 13:22 30 Jan 03

cog slipping on drive belt

  Newby 15:01 30 Jan 03

Thank you, I figured it was something like cog slipping on drive belt. The question is - can it be recttified, and how. I'm not sure just how to get into the innards of a printer, even if it is possible.
Thanks anyway.

  Diemmess 15:11 30 Jan 03

Does your printer have a shiny guide bar as a track for the ink and printhead?

It is possible that this is so dry that the traversing bits grab and chatter, even momentarily stalling the stepper motor.

This happened to me a couple of years ago with an Epsom printer, and the "on-site-warranty-engineer" gave it a careful smear with a little very thin oil. Cured it on the spot.

He said any quality machine oil will do, not the 3 in 1 type which tends to dry out leaving a resiny gunge. A smear is enough, don't splash it around.

  pj123 15:42 30 Jan 03

I had a similar problem with an Epson printer, so I rang Epson and the person on the other end of the fone listened to the noise over the fone and immediately said he would send me another printer.
which arrived 2 days later (brand new) and they took the old one away. Thats what I call service.

try it with HP and see.

I did post this on Consumer Watch as a plus for Epson.

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