printer network

  chrisjohn 20:48 28 Jan 06

all i want to do is share a printer between 3 pc;s they are all wireless.

  chrisjohn 20:59 28 Jan 06

i want it dead easy setup,no fancy stuff just share a printer.many thanks to whoever helps....

  Chris-238213 23:08 28 Jan 06

Assuming you've already got the network set-up (the 3 PC's share an internet connection and files?) then all you need do is share the printer on the PC to which it is physically attached (control panel, printers, right click on the printer to be shared and select sharing, then share this printer, give it a name and OK). On the other PC's you'll need to add this new network printer (control panel, printers, add a printer and follow wizard but making sure you add 'a network printer or printer attached to another computer' option. If this works OK you should be able to select the networked printer from any application on the other 2 PC's.

  Dipso 00:20 29 Jan 06

If your running XP on all 3 it should be very easy to do following the above advice.

I had no problems networking a printer between XP and XP but networking XP and ME was a little more involved. I presume it would also be the case for 98. Basically I had to install the drivers on the ME PC first which wasn't straightforward.

If this is the case for you click here

  chrisjohn 14:32 29 Jan 06

i have no network set up,all pcs are on xp and wireless,dont really want to do netwok,is it better to get a printer server,wireless to share the printer?

  Chris-238213 14:49 29 Jan 06

don't think you can share printer without networking the three PC's together. Sounds like you haven't done this and don't have any wireless networking hardware other than the three wireless cards that are in the three PC's. Check out this, it may help click here

  chrisjohn 15:03 29 Jan 06

i have a linksy wireless router,all i want to do is share printer.

  chrisjohn 15:19 29 Jan 06

the main pc has already been set up for network,but i need to add 2 new pc's to network,but forgoten how.

  pipedream 16:10 29 Jan 06

If you're running XP you may need to do nothing at all - last time I added a PC, two "Auto" printers appeared in the Printers folder in Control Panel after half a minute or so. Not sure this works with all printers, but did with my HP959C & Samsung laser. If not, m235374's method above is the way to do it.

  pipedream 16:12 29 Jan 06

Sorry, meant to say this assumes PC's are networked in first place - instructions for doing this ar a bit more involved!

  Chris-238213 17:19 29 Jan 06

OK, so you have a wireless router on the main PC and have a network established. In that case I think all you need to do is run the wireless network set-up wizard on the other two PC's to connect to it. Have a look at this article click here;en-us;314897&spid=1173&sid=1248

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