Printer installion problem. Msgsrv32

  Simsy 15:50 04 Jul 05

Hi folks,

I’m having trouble installing a printer.

Epson Stylus Color 740. I’ve just got it, second hand, believed to be working OK. I’m trying to get it working via USB, onto a win98se machine.

I’ve downloaded and installed the driver software, and the utility software. The software was installed before the printer was connected and turned on.

When the printer is turned on the “Windows has detected new hardware…” sequence starts, and after a short time I get an error message with the heading;


"This programme has performed an illegal operation… blah blah"

Details tells me that a problem is found in "module Krnl386.exe"

I’ve tried rebooting to no avail. Safe mode doesn’t work because the usb ports don’t work.

I’m open to any suggestions.

Thnaks in advance,



  Alan H E 16:56 04 Jul 05

Have you used Scan disc - also if that don't work try system file checker.

  Alan H E 17:07 04 Jul 05

Also http.// & see if this applies.

  alltime 19:09 04 Jul 05

It could be one of numerous things, Read this it might help.

click here

  Simsy 20:06 04 Jul 05

sorry for delay in responding...

Not done scan disc, but used sfc and restored the two files from win98 disc... to no avail.

The knowledgebase article and the other page suggested by alltime both bore no fruit.

I'm open to other suggestions!




  Simsy 20:19 04 Jul 05

This page, from Epson;

click here

Has led me to this microsoft page;

click here;en-us;240075

I have a 1.1 Athlon with a via chipset, (I think!), so thi looks promising. Though it's strange that I have no other USB problems!

I'll report back.



  Simsy 23:03 04 Jul 05

I had to give up on this one...

I did manage to get the printer working via the parallel port... and it turns out the black jet is more blocked than a blocked thing in blocked land on block day!

So I'm going to dispose of it!

I'm still doing alright though... on eBay I got 2 scanners, (both working), 6 printers, (so far only 1 working), and lots of other gubbins all for the total of £2.20

I was only looking for a cheap scanner for my sister!

I'll put this thread to bed now. Thanks for the input. Maybe the links I subsequently posted will help someone else!



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