Printer insists on windows 98 CD

  Paul-Hasn't-a-PC-clue 21:49 23 Sep 03

Hello all.
Firstly I would like to thank the moderator for reinstating my email address on here. Hopefully the new username is a little more acceptable...:@)

My PC went bandy, so I have had it into shop, and evrything wiped, and windows 98 reloaded. However when I try set up my printer it asks me to insert 98CD(That I don't have)

  MAJ 21:55 23 Sep 03

If the shop re-installed Windows for you they might have put the Windows files on your hard drive for just such an occasion. Usually they would put then at C:\Win98. Do a search for that Win 98 folder see if it's there, if it is point Windows to look there for the files rather than your CD drive.

  sil_ver 22:01 23 Sep 03

Do a search in windows for 'cabs' as what you want is probably in there. Path will be something like, c:\windows\system\options\cabs

  keith-236785 23:04 23 Sep 03

or go to the shop and ask them to lend you "your" windows disc.

then make a copy of it or copy it onto your hard drive for when you decide to buy a scanner and have the same problem.

i am not suggesting piracy, just that if the shop has installed windows on your computer then you have a right to that version of windows, thats the whole point of licences. one windows licence on one computer.....

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