Printer ink shows full but poor print outs

  hudsey28 15:02 15 Nov 10

Hi there i have a lexmark x1150 the last few times ive tried to use it the ink shows up almost full on the printing status. Ive made sure the paper is lined up correctly.
The print out shows some words clearly and some are half missing like the letter M would be cut in half for eg.
Some words are also faded.
Im realy confused and not sure what to do.

Thanks Helen

  northumbria61 15:11 15 Nov 10

Faulty cartridge or blocked print head a possibility ? OR see here click here

  hudsey28 15:34 15 Nov 10

tried cleaning it, still wont work :/

  QuizMan 16:04 15 Nov 10

I had something similar with my Canon printer. If you have had your printer a while, it is likely to be the print head that needs cleaning. I found with mine that using the head cleaning option in printer maintenance was not enough. I had to remove the print head from the printer and flush it through with water. It was as good as new after that.

  BT 17:16 15 Nov 10

Lexmark printheads are part of the cartridge.
Therefore new Cartridge = new printhead.
If you haven't used it much try standing the cartridge in a very small amount of water in a saucer for an hour or so to dissolve any dried up ink.

  hudsey28 18:38 15 Nov 10

il try the water as i dont use it much

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