Printer ink cartridge "nag" screens

  Pineman100 17:30 08 Dec 06

I use a Dell 922 multi-function printer. I have recently stopped buying the expensive ink cartridges and started using Inktec ink refilling kits.

I'm pretty happy with the results, but I can't get the printer to stop telling me that my cartridges are low on ink. I have to click my way through two such warnings every time I print.

I asked Inktec how to stop these warning screens and they said I should go through the ink cartridge replacement procedure as specified in the printer's manual. But this has made no difference.

Anyone got any suggestions please?

  wotbus@ 21:17 08 Dec 06

Perhaps it's the price you pay for the price you save! click here

  Pineman100 17:52 09 Dec 06

Thanks for the link, Wotbus. Doesn't look promising, does it?

I'll leave the thread open for a while to see whether anyone else has any ideas.

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