printer cartrige

  beameupscoty 17:05 22 Jun 03

hiya i used to have an epson c580 till it took a stroke i now have an epson c42. one slight problem. i used to be able to refill my c580 cartridge and save hundreds of £££s in the process.but my c42 has a chip on the cartridge. question is there any software out there to fool the chips so i can refill my new printer???

  -pops- 17:38 22 Jun 03

One firm that does them is click here

I don't know if your cartridge is amongst the ones that can be over-ridden.


  beameupscoty 17:48 22 Jun 03

ive seen that pops £ on a low budget. the idea is to save cash

  LAP 17:50 22 Jun 03

How about click here 1 colour + 1 black chipped for £9.99 delivered to your door. Then you can refill them.
I've got a C62 and just ordered 5 of each for £50.98.
Never tried refilling is it much cheaper? ..Lap..

  -pops- 17:52 22 Jun 03

The JR chipper is multi use, not a throw away item.

  beameupscoty 17:57 22 Jun 03

you got a brocken link LAP cant see what your pointing to. `and very usefull to pop

  -pops- 18:00 22 Jun 03

There's an "s" missing in choicestationery in the link.

click here

  beameupscoty 18:01 22 Jun 03

LAP click on the link that pop gave me and revue the products jr has, save me a fortune on new cartridges

  pj123 18:05 22 Jun 03

yes,there is but it is not cost effective. it is cheaper to buy chipped, ready to use cartridges from Choice Stationery as everyone else has pointed out.

  LAP 18:06 22 Jun 03

beameupscoty, have i lost the plot or does your C42 take chipped cartridges. if so why not buy one of each compatible type and then refill..Lap..

  beameupscoty 18:08 22 Jun 03

pop you should change your link to `choice` there zapit is only £9.99 wish i could make a %saving on a new pc

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