printer cartridge refill issues

  jack 12:46 26 Sep 09

refilling printer cartridges whether inkjet or laser have their problems as those of us who have attempted it will be aware.
Having had varied success with inkjet carts over the years- blocked jets of 'in machine' print heads, and jet burnouts of thermal cartridges.
And of course the dreaded chips that the manufacturers stick on to stop us doing it- and our attempts to defeat them.

I am shortly about to embark in trying to refill laser toner carts- these too have chips to get around.
So passing that particular problem by- what other issues may come up?
They are largely mechanical with rollers and gears and wiper blades and presumably other tricky bits

Any comments,experiences,advice will be welcome.

  Condom 14:49 26 Sep 09

Hi Jack
I too used to get the blue finger as I called it from refilling. My solution was to purchase a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) for my Epson which cost me about £40 which included 6 X 250 ml bottles of ink (1 of each colour). Refilling them is so easy and I seldom have to do it more than once a year. 2 years later I am still on the original ink bottles and I still have enough left for at least another year. I do a lot of A4 photos so I do use it a lot so for £40 or so I recomend it to you. You can get systems for many different printers so I would google CISS and see what you can find. I used to pay nearly £50 for a B/W and 3 colour HP cartridge which would hardly last 5 minutes.

  PalaeoBill 15:23 26 Sep 09

Laser toner carts can be a little tricky. Many of them store waste toner in the same cart so you need to empty that out as well as refill with fresh stuff. It can be very messy and potentially marriage threatening (especially where a new carpet is involved and she finds toner liberally coating all the worktops). I do the deed in the garage now and use an old vacuum cleaner for the emptying process and a funnel and patience for the refilling.
The various sites that sell bulk toner have instructions for different types of printer. For my old HP LJ5 I melt a hold at the specified point with a soldering iron and after filling, plug it with a platic bung that comes with the bulk toner. I can get away with around 5 refils before the quality is affected.
You can refill endlessly, quality will degrade as the number of static charge/discharge cycles on the drum will eventually lead to it becomming irreversibly charged.

  PalaeoBill 15:24 26 Sep 09

Sorry. That should say 'You can't refill endlessly'.

  jack 15:48 26 Sep 09

I have now moved away from inkjet for personal use.- and yess my last ink jets Epson R 200&300
shared a CISS set up.
I seem to get passed to me various inkjet printers and combies because the owners have given up on them for one reason and another- which I play with till they submit- I have two of such at the moment -both working - one promised to a daughter who is returning an ancient Epson for TLC.

For me its Colour laser now- hence my post

Thank you
I have a black refill kit with cartridge hole maker and coming in from another source a set of refills and chips for my Samsung CLP315
So we shall see what happen- will have to tidy the workshop up first and dig out the old overalls.

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