Printer can't recognise cartridges

  jason.p 19:46 31 Jan 08

I've been using compatibles for some time now in my Epson DX 8400 with no problem. Just recently it has started to come up with the "can't recognise cartridge" message, with no option to continue anyway. I've taken cartridges out then put them back to no avail. It seems to pick on one colour at a time. I did replace one with a new cartridge, and it appeared to be OK and went through a printing process, but there was nothing actually printed. Then it selected another colour which it didn't recognise!
I've disabled the status monitor, but that made no difference. Has anyone got any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

  Clapton is God 20:13 31 Jan 08

The cartridges are chipped. Have you removed the chips from the originals and put them on the compatibles? click here

  jack 20:21 31 Jan 08

Retaining the chips from an original set of carts and carrying them over is something I have successfully used in the past.

Also A Zapit resetter available from the 3rd party sellers.
the free download utility is also useful.
Also contact the seller they will replace them with another brand usually.

  jason.p 20:23 31 Jan 08

Hi Clapton. No I haven't touched the chips. The compatibles have been working fine for quite a while now. Any originals I might have had unfortunately have long gone!

  manrow 22:10 31 Jan 08

All I can add to this is that I have been using compatible cartridges for many years with no complaints. I enjoy paying ND inks a fraction of what I would otherwise need to pay PC world for the original Epson cartridge!

Based upon my experience, jason.p your problem is likely to be one associated with the printer software itself as you eliminated the possibility of it being just a faulty cartridge by changing it?

  jason.p 19:01 01 Feb 08

I'm inclined to agree Manrow. I've also been using compatibles on several Epson printers for a number of years without any problem. In view of the fact that I did manage to persuade it to go through a printing sequence, but with no ink getting onto the paper, I wonder if there is a problem with the print head itself, or , as you say, the software. Perhaps I'll try and re-install the software. Can't do any harm, the thing is useless as it is!!

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