Printer cable- Help please.

  MAGGX 18:29 01 Jan 05

Hi All and a happy new year!
I have to install a printer cable for a friend within the floor. I can not contact him to find out which printer or P.C he has. Is there a standard cable P.C to printer? It also has to be around 20'- 25'long. I have looked at some on the net which say compatable with IBM machines but I'm lost.
Any body help? and where can I get one? thanks for reading.

  Technotiger 18:31 01 Jan 05

Hi, well first, it depends on the type/model of printer. Some have the older d-type fittings others have USB.

  pj123 18:35 01 Jan 05

I think 20' to 25' is pushing it whichever type cable you have. There are 2 cables, the early version is Centronic, which has a 25 pin D type connector, or the latest version is USB.

  MAGGX 18:37 01 Jan 05

Thanks Tech,
lets say it's able to take a usb as I think most will today. Now where.

  MAGGX 18:38 01 Jan 05

Thanks Tech,
lets say it's able to take a usb as I think most will today. Now where.

  LinuxPenguin 18:42 01 Jan 05


  MAGGX 18:42 01 Jan 05

Thanks for the inputs.
So at one end is a usb connector and at the other is a standard P.C.- printer connector. (to the PC)
Sorry for being such a thick-o.

  mrdsgs 18:45 01 Jan 05

you won't find a 25'usb cable. Amaximum is about 15' . you will need a 5 metre "usb repeater" and then a 3-5 metre usb cable to span that distance.

  Technotiger 18:45 01 Jan 05

If the printer is USB it is special usb each end.
Though some may be as you said. Depends on Printer.

  Technotiger 18:46 01 Jan 05

Any half-decent computer shop will have the cables.

  paddyjack 20:54 01 Jan 05

have a look here click here they have cables for most everything, good prices quick turn around.

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